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RED ROSES Snapback Cap
Original price was: 29,90 €.Current price is: 14,95 €.

Black and white flat visor cap, reminiscent of the world of tattoos with its floral pattern and ornamental lettering embroidered in relief.

In stock

Limited series. Black and white baseball-style cap (without net) with flat visor. Relief embroidery of the HW logo in white and black with printing of a red and black floral pattern in the background on the front. White print on a red background under the visor. Hyraw signature embroidered in white on the back.

The baseball-style cap is a fashion accessory that draws its inspiration from the caps worn by baseball players. The most distinctive feature of the baseball style cap is that it does not have a mesh on the back.
Fabric: 100% acrylic.
Interior countour with a strip of fabric sewn inside on the edge, allowing a better hold of the cap on the head while providing comfort and a pleasant touch. Adjustable cap with plastic clip at the back. Hyraw custom neck strips. HYRAW label woven into the collar certifying authenticity.
To care for a cap you can start by removing dirt and light stains by gently brushing the cap with a soft bristle brush or using a damp cloth. For heavier stains, it is recommended to wash the cap by hand. Use warm water and mild soap to gently scrub the stained areas. Avoid using harsh detergents or soaking in water for a long time, this may damage the materials and deform the cap. It is also possible to put it in the machine with a delicate program at 30°, preferably using a box or a special grid for caps to preserve the shape of the cap during washing. Do not use chlorine bleach to avoid damaging the colors. After washing, let the cap air dry out of direct sunlight. Avoid using a dryer, as excessive heat may warp the cap.



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Long-sleeved denim shirt with snap buttons. A must-have piece for a Rock and casual style.

Original price was: 75,00 €.Current price is: 52,50 €.

HELLFEST X HYRAW 2024 co-branding Hooded Jacket


Long-sleeved t-shirt with large low-cut collar.

Original price was: 39,90 €.Current price is: 27,94 €.

Asymmetrical black t-shirt with SPHYNX graphic print on the front.


Short-sleeved Worker-style shirt with classic piping and buttons, in a dark style for a more casual Metal look.

Original price was: 60,00 €.Current price is: 47,92 €.

Flowing gray t-shirt with wide scoop neck and crossed straps at the back, with black print of the HOLY HEART visual on the front.

Original price was: 32,00 €.Current price is: 22,40 €.

Black cap with curved visor in yellow suede, for a chic, classy and tortured look.


Red basketball tank top proudly displaying the HYRAW crest, to clearly explain which team we belong to!


Black t-shirt with RIDE THE SNAKE design print on the front


White tank top with KNIGHT graphic print on the front and mesh on the back between the shoulders for added freshness.


Raglan crop top three-quarter sleeve t-shirt with DEVIL INSIDE graphic print on the back.

Original price was: 31,90 €.Current price is: 15,95 €.

Trucker-style cap with curved visor and mesh at the back, which ensures comfort all day long. For an unstoppable look during a trip on the departmental roads!

Original price was: 29,90 €.Current price is: 21,00 €.

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Black flat visor cap with an assertive style with its Hyraw logo embroidered on the left half of the forehead, the other half being printed just like the underside of the visor.

Original price was: 29,90 €.Current price is: 14,95 €.

Black flat visor cap, white embroidery and black and white print under the visor, for a sober style but not devoid of personality.


Flat visor cap, with a modern and aggressive look with its skull print and crossed-out logo embroidered in relief.

Original price was: 29,90 €.Current price is: 14,95 €.

Cap with a decidedly Metal look, with its HYRAW logo embroidered in black with its beige edging, and its printing of the VOID KEEPER visual under its velvet-touch visor.


Black cap with flat visor in yellow suede, for a chic, classy and tortured look.

Original price was: 29,90 €.Current price is: 21,00 €.

White cap with black flat visor, with a sober but ultra effective style with its coat of arms featuring a skull and studded bats, all in subtlety.

Original price was: 32,00 €.Current price is: 25,60 €.

Black cap with flat visor with embossed embroidery of the HYRAW logo on the front, its visible red stitching gives it a lot of character.


Blue cap with black flat visor, style paying homage to the Venice Beach thrashers of the 90s!


Flat visor cap, classic and luxurious style with its metal coat of arms on the forehead. To be sure to highlight your outfit and musical tastes!


A great classic from Hyraw, this cap goes with any style of clothing, adding a dose of Rock'n'Roll as a final touch.


Black cap with flat visor with white embroidery in relief on the forehead and under the visor. A sober and subtly subversive design.


Explicit cap with this black 666 which stands out against a red glow and the devil laughing under the visor.




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